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Peora has, on top of the original Tibia spells, several custom spells. Each spell is usable after completing the quest that unlocks the ability to use it.

List of known custom spells in Peora:

Spell name Words Ability Cost Quest
Golden Ticket regenero elevatus 180 minutes of increased health and mana regeneration 15,000 gold ?
Shield Master scutum elevatus ? ? ?
Magic Tome magica elevatus increase +3 magic level for 120 minutes 10,000 gold Stonegate Banshee Quest
Red Light utevo ruber ? ? ?
Blue Light utevo azureus ? ? ?
Purple Light utevo purpureus ? ? ?
Green Light utevo viridis ? ? ?
Yellow Light utevo citreus ? ? ?
Teleport Home ianuae magicae teleports the player to their home temple 200 mana ?

All these spells can be found in a Spellbook.