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Sircera is one of the Starting Cities you can choose from. It's a small city but has many hunting areas outside of the town. Sircera is the most North-West city in the world of Peora. It is home to many unique NPCs and Quests.

Sircera map

Ground level map of Sircera

Sircera Ground Level Minimap
  1. Taskmasters (Junior Taskman, Senior Taskman, Grand Taskman) & Remere
  2. Dunric (Furniture Store)
  3. Cornehlia (Weapons/Armor Shop)
  4. Jeska (Distance/Ammunition Shop)
  5. Red (Taskmaster)
  6. Evelyn (Tavern) + Gordon under the Tavern
  7. Boo (Quest NPC)
  8. Ferrus (Temple)
  9. Ton (Tools/Equipment Shop)
  10. Pierre (Depot) + Quest Specialist (Guide) next to depot
  11. Krazy (Food Shop)
  12. Trak (Quest NPC)
  13. Sabrina (Magic Shop) + Strange Man on top of the building
  14. King Fin (Castle) + Dakkone in the basement
  15. Quest Master (Quest NPC)
  16. Captain Znote (Boat)
  17. Hunt Master (Guide)