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Rings are similar to Amulets and Necklaces. Some of them have a magical effect upon the wearer, but others are only for decoration.

While most Amulets and Necklaces provide their effect in a number of charges, most rings are effective for an amount of time.


Name Arm Weight Attributes Resist Duration Charges Required Level Required Vocation
Bracers of Energy Resistance Bracers of Energy Resistance.gif 19.00 energy +15%
Bracers of Life Drain Resistance Bracers of Life Drain Resistance.gif 19.00 life drain +15%
Bracers of Mana Drain Resistance Bracers of Mana Drain Resistance.gif 19.00 mana drain +15%
Distance Ring Distance Ring.gif 0.90 ? minutes
Enhanced Life Ring Enhanced Life Ring.gif 0.80 13 minutes
Gloves of Fire Resistance Gloves of Fire Resistance.gif 19.00 fire +15%
Gloves of Physical Resistance Gloves of Physical Resistance.gif 19.00 physical +15%
Gloves of Poison Resistance Gloves of Poison Resistance.gif 19.00 poison +15%
Gold Ring Gold Ring.gif 1.00
King Talaturen's Royal Ring King Talaturen's Royal Ring.gif 0.40
Life Ring Life Ring.gif 0.80 20 minutes
Might Ring Might Ring.gif 1.00 physical +20%, fire +20%, poison +20%, energy +20% 20
Ring of Death Ring of Death.gif 0.30
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing.gif 0.80 8 minutes
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring.gif 0.40