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Peora has, on top of the original Tibia quests, many unique and custom quests. There are still many unsolved or unknown quests that players have yet to solve. Most quests can be done solo but several require a team of two or more players to work together. Peora is aimed towards players who enjoyed the nostalgic RPG experience and we encourage you to try solving quests by yourself before looking for the solution here.

Many of the starter quests can be useful for new players to collect better equipment and get a sense of how quests and puzzle-solving works on Peora. God Evan has talked about how certain areas are influenced by certain game series, two examples being the game series Wizardry as the basis for the Wizardry area maps, quests, and game features, and the game series Ultima V as being the basis for the castle maps and NPCs for Frosthaven.

Completing a quest adds a certain amount of entries in a player's quest log. For example: by opening a chest you receive 1 quest entry but if a quest room has 4 chests, by opening all 4 chests, you will receive 4 quest entries. As of writing, the world of Peora contains 1037 quest entries, divided into the following:

It is largely rumored that the true quest count exceeds the 1037 total listed on the webpage, and it should also be noted that Peora occasionally holds events, which while containing quests, do not count in the quest logs.

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Aside from the quests there are also 177 Tasks.

A player list with the highest quest completion scores can be found here:
The player with the highest quest completion amount is Dain Sorc with 928 out of 1037 quests completed, as of the 22nd of April 2021. 

For information about the original Tibia quests, we refer you to the official Tibia Wiki here:

Quests are typically started by talking with NPCs, by asking them about a mission, quest or just discussing certain topics with them. Several quests or hints for them can be discovered by reading books or texts found around Peora. Other quests are more simple and consist of exploring a cave to find a reward box.

For information on where to start many quests, make sure to talk to Quest Specialist.

Note: In the tables below 'Min level' refers to the minimum required "level" to be able to start and/or complete the quest. This doesn't mean it is recommended to go to the quest at that level. 'Rec level' is the recommended level that you should be able to safely complete the quest.
"Solo" in this table means the quest is possible to be done by one player and doesn't require help from other players to be completed. For some solo-able quests, that are intended to be done in groups, a Solo Quest Token might be required.

Rookgaard Quest

Name Min Level Rec Level Solo Location Reward
Maze of Fury Quest 0 15 Rookgaard Sword of Fury, Mirror Shield, Ingot of Rookgaard, 1 Crystal Coin

Peora Mainland Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Solo Location Reward
The Troll's Treasure 0 8 Sircera Troll Cave a green backpack, a machete, a torch, a rope and a fishing rod
Koya Missing Townsfolk Quest 0 15 Locations all over Koya Crown Helmet, Plate Legs, Guardian Shield, Obsidian Lance, Serpent Sword, 10,000 experience
Devil Helmet Quest 0 15 Troll, Orc and Goblin Allied Fortress in Koya Devil Helmet, Life Ring
Steel Helmet Quest 20 25 Koya South Rotworm Cave Steel Helmet, Crossbow, Super Heavy Magic Missile Rune (20x), Dragon Necklace, 17 Platinum Coins
Drake Isles Access Quest 50 50 Koya, Montego Drake Isles Key, Chomper Backpack, 20.000 gold
Sircera Missing Townsfolk Quest 0 15 Locations all over Sircera Brass Armor, Brass Legs, Barbarian Axe, Dwarven Shield, Spike Sword, Steel Helmet, 2.500 experience
Boo's Doll Quest 0 10 Sircera Rotworm Caves Iron Hammer, Doll
Great Shield Quest 100 150 Sabaku Demon Lair Great Shield
Green Nursery Challenge 55 70 Drake Isles Super Great Fireball Rune, Green Egg
Freeing the Strange Man 0 0 Sircera Mirror, 1 Platinum Coin
Access to Folda Ruins ? 40 Sircera, Montego Access to Folda Ruins
Sircera Behemoth Quest 60 85 Sircera Behemoth Caves Dread Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Platinum Amulet, Guardian Halberd, 5 Small Rubies, 5 Small Diamonds, Life Ring
Stonegate Banshee Quest 60 90 Stonegate Magic Tome, Crystal Coin, Super Sudden Death Rune, Super Ultimate Healing Rune
Hidden Beholder Quest 20 20 Stonegate ?
Trak's Backpack Quest 0 0 Sircera Sturdy Adventurers Backpack
Original Knight Riddle Quest 0 50 Sabaku Access to 2Rec's Castle
Peora Postman Quest 0 20 Togesland Access to Royal Mailboxes & travel discounts
Friends Quest 0 0 Sircera Golden Mug
Flame Bow Quest ? 60 Koya, Dragonsisle Flame Bow
Angry Specter Quest 40 50 Al'Qus, Breehaven 53 Platinum Coins, Griffin Shield, Divine Heavy Magic Missile Rune
Al'Qus Naginata Quest 40 50 Breehaven in Al'Qus Naginata, Super Sudden Death Rune
Amulet of Peora Quest 50 80 2Rec's Castle in Sabaku Amulet of Peora
Black Knight Castle Quest 50 90 2Rec's Castle in Sabaku Super Explosion Rune, 3 Small Rubies, 41 Platinum Coins
Lost Boy Quest 35 45-50 Koya Frozen Sword, Ruby Necklace, 52 Platinum Coins, Serpent Sword, Beholder Helmet
Murasaki Helmet Quest 40 55-60 (more if fighting Dwarven Magician) Sircera Murasaki Helmet, 25 Platinum Coins and a possibly daily spawn of Miner's Helmet
Al'Qus Minotaur Encampment Quest 30 30-35 Al'Qus Electric Knight Axe, Super Great Fireball Rune, 35 Platinum Coins, 4 Black Pearls
Deeper Al'Qus Minotaur Encampment Quest 50 60-65 Al'Qus Tower Shield, Warrior Helmet, Knight Axe, Super Sudden Death Rune
A General Hunting Place Quest 0 30-35 Koya Plate Armor, Fire Bomb
Koya Cyclops Lair Quest 0 25-30 Koya War Hammer + ?
Insane Game Quest -- 100+ Sircera ??