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Welcome to the fascinating world of Peora, a customized MMORPG. Choose your role of 4 vocations, explore a custom map with many unique quests, nostalgic quests and original quests with a twist added to it. Join a community of friendly players from all over the world and get solve the quests and discover mysteries of Peora together.

Server rates

Experience rates

The experience you gain from killing monsters in Peora is dynamic and will decrease as you increase in level. The rates in the table below are how much times the base experience you receive from killing monsters.

For example, if you are level 50 (experience rate x 2) and kill a Dragon, you will receive 1400 experience.

Level Exp. rate
8 to 40 2.5 x
41 to 150 2 x
151+ 1.5 x

Other rates

Rate type Multiplier
Skills 2 x
Magic level 2 x
Loot 2 x
Spawn 2 x

Regeneration rates

Vocation HP Mana Promoted HP Mana
Knight 1 hp / 6 sec 2 mana / 6 sec Elite Knight 1 hp / 4 sec 2 mana / 6 sec
Paladin 1 hp / 8 sec 2 mana / 4 sec Royal Paladin 1 hp / 6 sec 2 mana / 3 sec
Druid 1 hp / 12 sec 2 mana / 3 sec Elder Druid 1 hp / 12 sec 2 mana / 2 sec
Sorcerer 1 hp / 12 sec 2 mana / 3 sec Master Sorcer 1 hp / 12 sec 2 mana / 2 sec


For information about blessings, view the Blessings page.


There are several commands you can use in-game, you can view them here.

Other info

The server saves daily at 09:00 AM JST (GMT+9)
There is a counter on the website, under the menu, that indicates how much time is left before the next serversave.


The rules of Peora can be found on their official website here:

Even though there are strict rules against cheating and/or using unofficial software, it is allowed to have two characters logged in at the same time. Using more than 2 clients or characters at the same time is against the rules.

See also: Setting up and using multiple clients

Player Killing

Peora has very low skull and ban rates to prevent excessive player killing. For more information about player killing, view the Player Killing page.


Peora is hosted by God Evan. He is the lead mapper and content developer, the majority of custom monsters, quests and items are created by him. There are several other Gods in Peora but most of them prefer to stay anonymous and don't often interact with players.

Also many other people help develop and contribute to the server, of which a list can be found here.


Peora is hosted in Japan.