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Note: This guide is still a work in progress and currently incomplete. Be sure to ask players in-game for help or advice.

Welcome to the world of Peora. If you are new to the game, this guide will help you find your way in Peora and get you started with exploring, questing and leveling.

A few important things to point out before we get started:

  • Peora provides a 100% free premium experience for all players. There are no fees, subscriptions or even a webshop. The Gods of Peora want everyone to enjoy their time without having to worry about payments or pay to win scenarios.
  • If you receive items from a quest, don't throw away anything! No matter how useless the item looks, if you receive it from a quest there is a very big chance you will need it later for another quest, gain access somewhere or give it to a NPC to complete or start a mission for them.
  • Most players are very friendly and will gladly help you if you ask for it, make sure to check out the Game-Chat, Help Channel, Discord Channel or use the command !online in the Default chat window to see who's online.
  • Peora, despite having very low skull and ban rates, is a PVP enabled server, so you can attack players and other players can attack you.
  • Peora has strict rules against cheating and account sharing but allows one player/account to be logged in with 2 characters at the same time. These characters can be from the same account and there is no need to create multiple accounts for each character.
    See also: Setting up multi-client on Peora
  • If you have performance issues with the client having low or choppy frame-rates, unrelated to your connection/ping, check out the Peora Game Client Engine Set-Up.
  • New Characters are created by logging into your account on the website. The Character will be created as a level 8 with no vocation and you receive basic equipment. When you log into your new Character for the first time you will get the opportunity to choose your Starting City and Vocation.

Starting City

When you create your character, you log in next to The Oracle. Select your preferred outfit and talk to The Oracle to choose your Starting City and Vocation.

Choose your destiny!

There are 4 cities to choose from;

  • Sircera, on the continent of Peora
  • Koya, on the continent of Peora
  • Thais, on the continent of Tibia
  • Carlin, on the continent of Tibia

If you want the original Tibia experience, choose Carlin or Thais. There are very few custom monsters or Quests on the Tibian Continent and it's the perfect way to get that ultimate nostalgic feeling. It is important to note, should a new player die down to level 6, they will be transported to Rookgaard and be set to level 1 with no vocation, and unable to leave until they level up to level 8 and speak to the Oracle to re-choose their vocation and starting town. This is in place for 2 reasons; first to allow players who choose so to create a "rookstayer" character, and second to ensure that brand new Peora players who do not understand how to play the game have a chance to learn in a safe and "newbie" focused environment.
If you prefer a custom experience where you will find many quests, many custom monsters and items, Peora is the way to go!
For this guide we choose the city of Sircera as it provides many opportunities for new players to start out on Peora.

Choosing your Vocation

Peora works very similar like Tibia did back in version 7.3-7.6, so keep that in mind when making your Character. Mages will be very difficult to start out with because mana regenerates slowly and is expensive to refill. Knights are strong and good for making some money quickly when starting out. Paladins are a midway between Mages and Knights, they can level up very fast but quite often need to go and refill arrows or bolts. As a Paladin it's recommended to start out with spears as they don't break on Peora but are also quite heavy to carry around.

Your first steps in Peora

Sircera map

To make it easier to navigate later, let's explore the ground level of Sircera first.

Sircera Ground Level Minimap
  1. Taskmasters (Junior Taskman, Senior Taskman, Grand Taskman) & Remere
  2. Dunric (Furniture Store)
  3. Cornehlia (Weapons/Armor Shop)
  4. Jeska (Distance/Ammunition Shop)
  5. Red (Taskmaster)
  6. Evelyn (Tavern)
  7. Boo (Quest NPC)
  8. Ferrus (Temple)
  9. Ton (Tools/Equipment Shop)
  10. Pierre (Depot) & Quest Specialist (Guide)
  11. Krazy (Food Shop)
  12. Trak (Quest NPC)
  13. Sabrina (Magic Store)
  14. King Fin (Castle)
  15. Quest Master (Quest NPC)
  16. Captain Znote (Boat)
  17. Hunt Master (Guide)


(number 8 on the map above)
We start in the Temple, next to Ferrus, the humble monk.

Ferrus, the humble monk

Walk up and use the Quest Tome to receive your free copy of the Peora Heartlands Quest Tome. Using and opening the Tome will show your progress towards Quests you've done.

Peora Heartlands Quest Tome

Cornehlia's Shop (Weapons/Armor Shopkeeper)

(number 3 on the map above)
To make some space in our bag, lets walk Nort-West and walk into Cornehlia's shop.

Cornehlia's shop

You receive a Mace, Sword, Hatchet and 5 Spears when creating your character and can make some quick starting cash by selling the items you don't need. Cornehlia buys most items you generally find from hunting, similar to the items you were able to sell at NPCs back in Tibia version 7.6. You can sell the Spears for 3 gp each at Jeska's shop, but we'll visit her later.


(number 1 on the map above)
We continue walking North-West just a bit further to find the Taskmasters.


We can talk to the Junior Taskman and ask him for a mission. It's recommended to start out with either Trolls or Rotworms, we'll get back to where to hunt these later.

Jeska's Shop (Distance/Ammunition Shopkeeper)

(number 4 on the map above)
We walk back towards the Temple and take a turn to the left. We walk inside of the first shop we pass.

Jeska's Shop

Jeska sells Arrows (2 gp), Bolts (3 gp), Small Stones (5 gp), Spears (10 gp), Bows (350 gp) and Crossbows (500 gp).
She also buys Spears for 3 gp each, Bows for 130 gp and Crossbows for 160 gp.

Ton's Shop (Tools/Equipment Shopkeeper)

(number 9 on the map above)
We walk outside of Jeska's Shop and head to the right. We pass the Temple and right above it is Ton's Shop.

Ton's Shop

Ton sells general tools and other equipment like Ropes, Shovels, Backpacks, Picks...


(number 10 on the map above)
Leaving Ton's Shop, the first building we pass when walking to the right is the Sircera Depot.

Sircera Depot

The Depot is managed by Pierre, who can sell you Letters, Parcels and Labels. Next to the depot is a small pond where can you fish and relax.

Right outside of the depot Quest Specialist is roaming around. You can ask him about many kinds of equipment and he will tell you where to look or which quest you need to do.


(number 11 on the map above)
Walking down from the Depot you will find 2 NPCs, Krazy and Trak. Krazy is the food selling NPC in Sircera, notably he also sells Brown Mushrooms and Magic Lightwands. Rumor has it he is very interested in magic crystals.

Krazy's Shop


(number 12 on the map above)
Next to Krazy is Trak. He will give you a quest if you ask him about one.


Magic Store

(number 13 on the map above)
Walking South from Krazy and Trak you will find Sabrina in the Magic Store.

Sabrina's Magic Store

Sabrina sells most common runes at double the charges for double the price. For example, she will sell a Sudden Death Rune for 440 gp but it will have 2 charges.
Important note: if you make runes yourself you get double the charges but the process only uses the regular amount of mana! For example: adori vita vis takes 220 mana but creates a Sudden Death Rune with 2x charges.

Peora has no spell to create Blank Runes, but Blank Runes can be bought for 10 gp each. Backpacks of 20 Runes, 20 Fluids or 20 Life Rings can be bought by using the levers. Be careful to have enough capacity because if you don't the bag will drop on the floor under you. The price of the items by using the lever is the same as buying them directly from Sabrina, but 20 gp more for the price of the backpack the items come in.

If we go up the stairs twice we see a Strange Man up on the roof. If we help him to open the gate he might give you a reward for the effort!

Castle (King Fin)

(number 14 on the map above)
Immediately next to the Magic Shop on the right side is King Fin's residence.

Quest Master

(number 15 on the map above)
Walking back up towards the depot, head right and look for the Quest Master.

Sircera Quest Master

If you ask him about the missing townsfolk and their locations he could give useful information on where to find them. If you can give them what they ask for, they will surely reward you for your efforts!

Boat (Harbor)

(number 16 on the map above)
Just beneath Quest Master you will find the Sircera Harbor. The captain of the ship is Captain Znote.

Captain Znote at the Sircera Harbor

Captain Znote will take you to one of many destinations:

Hunt Master

(number 17 on the map above)
Hunt Master can give you useful tips on where to hunt certain monsters. If you're looking for a monster but can't find it, make sure to ask him for directions!

Your first quests

Much of Peora revolves around exploring and questing. In Peora it is important to always read hints and clues given to you very closely.

Trak's Backpack Quest

Walk up to Trak (number 12 on the map above) and ask him about tasks.
It's strongly encouraged to try out the quest by yourself first to get a hang of how quests work in Peora. You will rewarded for choosing the correct answer and guessing or picking the wrong answer will have consequences.
For the guide with spoilers check out the quest page: Trak's Backpack Quest

Freeing the Strange Man

Enter Sabrina's magic store (number 13 on the map above) and go up 2 floors. On the roof you will find Strange Man. Ask him how you can help him to open the gate.
For the guide with spoilers check out the quest page: Freeing the Strange Man

The Troll's Treasure

North-East from Sircera, there is Sircera Troll Cave, in there you will find a small and easy quest. It's recommended to start the Troll Task at the Junior Taskman (number 1 on the map above)
For the guide with spoilers check out the quest page: The Troll's Treasure

Sircera Missing Townsfolk Quest

This quest is quite a bit longer and a bit more dangerous because it involves finding 6 people around the Sircera area. Start by talking to Quest Master (number 15 on the map above)
For the guide with spoilers check out the quest page: Sircera Missing Townsfolk Quest

Your first tasks

If you've done the Trak's Backpack Quest he will have asked you to start a Task. It's recommended to start out with either the Troll Task or Rotworm Task as they are in close proximity to the city and don't pose a high level of danger.

Troll Task

For the Troll Task it's easiest to do it in Sircera Troll Cave, there are many trolls here and also a small quest if you haven't done it yet. It's a good place to make some starting cash and get your first few levels.

Rotworm Task

When doing the Rotworm Task you might want to bring a few parcels or other items to prevent too many Rotworms surrounding and doing heavy damage if you don't have enough strength to kill several in a short timespan. There is a large concentration of Rotworms in the Sircera Rotworm Caves. Part of the Sircera Missing Townsfolk Quest is done in this cave.