Grand Tasks

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To start any of the Grand Tasks go to the Grand Taskman and ask him for a mission. You tell him what monster you want to do the task for to start the mission.

Note: Once you have accepted a task, you can pause/cancel it any any point by going back to the Taskman and telling him cancel. Your progress will be saved and you can continue from where you left off at any point while you do different tasks.

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Grand Tasks

In the table below you can find a list of all the tasks and rewards you receive from completing missions for the Grand Taskman. Completing a task counts towards one entry for your Task Progress.

There are 23 tasks for this Taskman, which are listed below:

Task Experience Reward
700 Ancient Scarabs 504,000 exp 7,000 gp
500 Banshees 450,000 exp 7,500 gp
300 Black Knights 480,000 exp 9,900 gp
600 Bone Drakes 2,500,000 exp 10,000 gp
500 Blue Djinns 95,000 exp 6,500 gp
900 Dragons 630,000 exp 9,900 gp
650 Dragon Lords 1,365,000 exp 8,900 gp
500 Dwarf Geomancers 122,500 exp 8,200 gp
600 Earth Drakes 4,000,000 exp 10,000 gp
500 Efreets 150,000 exp 8,700 gp
300 Elder Beholders 84,000 exp 8,000 gp
700 Giant Spiders 630,000 exp 8,800 gp
500 Green Djinns 95,000 exp 6,500 gp
600 Heroes 720,000 exp 8,500 gp
800 Hydras 1,680,000 exp 8,900 gp
500 Marids 150,000 exp 8,100 gp
600 Necromancers 348,000 exp 9,900 gp
550 Orc Leaders 148,500 exp 9,900 gp
500 Orc Warlords 335,000 exp 9,500 gp
500 Serpent Spawns 1,525,000 exp 7,900 gp
600 Shadow Drakes 3,500,000 exp 10,000 gp
600 Vampires 174,000 exp 8,000 gp
500 Wraiths 2,150,000 exp 9,000 gp

Ancient Scarabs

There are many Ancient Scarabs in the Al'Qus Ancient Scarab Lair or north of Sabaku in the Sabaku Ancient Scarab Lair.


There are many Banshees deeper in the Sircera Undead Temple, north of Sircera. Be careful as in some areas multiple of these dangerous creatures can surround you.

Black Knights

There is a huge amount of Black Knights in 2Rec's Castle

Bone Drakes

There are multiple Bone Drake spawns on Drake Isles.

Blue Djinns

Djinns of all kinds can be found in a tower south from Montego Lizards.


There's many Dragon spawns in Peora, depending on your level Sircera Dragon Lair, Al'Qus Dragon Caves, Koya Dragon Swamp or even the Venore Dragon Lair in the original Tibia lands can be good options.

Dragon Lords

For Dragon Lords there's a good hunting area nort-east from Koya, a few floors down in the swamps. Alternatively there is a more hardcore hunting area in either the original Tibia Pits of Inferno or the Sabaku Pits of Inferno, far east from Sabaku.

Dwarf Geomancers


Earth Drakes



Djinns of all kinds can be found in a tower south from Montego Lizards.

Elder Beholders


Giant Spiders

Sabaku Plains, far east from Sabaku, is a good location with many Giant Spiders. Another option would be the Plains of Havoc in the original Tibia lands.

Green Djinns

Djinns of all kinds can be found in a tower south from Montego Lizards.


There is an island with many Heroes on the surface, it's accessed by entering the Undead Isles. Another hunting area, that can be combined with the Warlock task, is the Hero and Warlock Hideout, far south from Koya.


Far east from Montego there is a large mountain range with many Hydras roaming the area.


Djinns of all kinds can be found in a tower south from Montego Lizards.


The Sircera Undead Temple is home to several Necromancers. Can be best combined with Ghost task, Ghoul task or Mummy task as killing a Necromancer's summon also counts towards your task progress.

Orc Leaders


Orc Warlords

There's several Orc Warlords in the Sircera Orc Fortress, Stonegate Orc Fortress or Koya Orc Fortress

Serpent Spawns

There are several Serpent Spawn locations over Peora, most commonly hunted are the caves deep under the Togesland Behemoth Mountains or the Deeper Montego Lizards Caverns

Shadow Drakes

Shadow Drakes can be found in Drake Isles.


A great location for Vampires is the Sircera Vampire Hell, which is located deep inside the Sircera Undead Temple. Best combined with either Ghost task or Mummy task