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The world of Peora is immensely large and exists of many different areas. Most locations are accessible to anyone but some are closed off by level doors, keys or require an access quest to be completed.


The Geographical locations are based on what Quest Tome area they belong to.
Peora Heartlands contains Sircera, Sabaku, Togesland, Koya, Montego, Tpisle, Dismorfia, Draconia, Dragonisle, Folda Ruins, Nitefall and Undead Isles.
Celestia is the collective name for Al'Qus and Stonegate.
There are also several other areas that are not part of another continent or are large enough to a continent by themselves: Rookgaard, Original Tibia Continent, Drake Isles, Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord and Frosthaven.
An area that belongs in a separate category is Thais Arena, it's a pvp area where death doesn't kill you and runes don't lose charges.

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Peora Heartlands


Sircera is the most North-West landmass of Peora. It contains many unique hunting locations and quests. It's one of two starting cities in Peora, with Koya being the other one.


Sabaku is a desert land with many secrets to be discovered.


Togesland is a tropical jungle with lizards and many other creatures.


Koya is a huge land area with a traditional large city. It's one of two starting cities in Peora, with Sircera being the other one.


Montego is a beachside town with many secrets and home to the Djinn Trading Post.


Tpisle is an island accessed through Sircera. It contains a maze with difficult creatures guarding it.


Dismorfia is an island that can only be accessed if you know the correct passphrase.


Access to Dragonisle can only be granted by The Old Dragonlord on completion of his tasks.


Access to Draconia can only be granted by Wife on completion of her errands.

Folda Ruins

Folda Ruins is an island accessed through Sircera. Underneath the island lies the Deeper Folda Ruins, which is a complex and challenging maze.


Nitefall Island is a large island accessed through Rookgaard.

Undead Isles

Undead Isles is a collection of 3 islands with different creatures on each of them. They can be accessed through Sabaku.


Main article: Celestia


Al'Qus is a massive desert continent with a large amount of hunting locations, quests and secrets. Geographically it is located South of Stonegate and accessible via any boat. To the far East it is connected to Frosthaven.


Stonegate is a huge landmass South of Al'Qus, it has a beautiful and large city with many NPCs roaming around the town. It is home to many quests in varying difficulty.

Drake Isles

Drake Isles is a collection of several islands. Most creatures on these lands are Dragons in varying difficulty. It's required to complete an access quest before you're allowed to enter these lands.


Frosthaven is the largest landmass that exists of one single area. It's main city is Windemere and it contains many unique cold blooded monsters and even cooler quests.

Original Tibia Continent


Rookgaard is accessible by talking to the NPC below deck of the Koya boat. The island contains all of the original quests and creatures but has a few unique Peora quests and secrets added to it.

Tibia Continent

The Original Tibia Continent is the same map as it was in Tibia 7.1 but strangely enough does not contain Darashia, even though Venore is an accessible area but was introduced after Darashia. Players can travel to the continent of Tibia by asking any boat NPC to travel to "Tibia", they will then be taken to Thais. The continent contains all of the original quests and no custom monsters or quests will be found here, with two exceptions, one being The Outcast King quest which contains custom monsters and quests, and uses modified maps that were the precursor to the modern POI quest in real Tibia. Although there are custom quests added to Rookgaard and 1 custom quest added to the main Tibia continent, it is important to note all NPCs and original quests perform "as they were" at the time. For example, Tibia NPCs will let you "buy" spells even though players can already use all spells their character qualifies for, and NPCs will also "change gold" despite the conversion being automatic on click. NPCs will also respond as they did at the time, odd delays and non answers included. The Tibia continent is meant to reflect the original experience of the time for the players to enjoy.

Thais Arena

Thais Arena is a special location accessible through a magic portal in the Koya Temple. When a player dies in the arena they don't lose any items, experience or skills and are just teleported back to their hometown. Most runes do not lose charges but of course mana is still drained and ammunition is used. Every week there is a different monster players can try out their skills on. The Thais arena also contains a "testing" section in the temple, where players can test out resistance equipment to find out the exact rates of elemental resistance.