Freeing the Strange Man

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Strange Man is stuck on top of the Sircera Magic Store and needs your help to escape.






Mirror, 1 Platinum Coin

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Required Equipment

  • Nothing

Getting Information

Starting from Sircera, walk to the Magic Store and go up 2 levels. On the roof of the building Strange Man is locked behind a gate. When we talk to him he asks for help to release him from his prison.

When we ask him how to open the gate he tells us he has a friend that knows everything about Sircera. When asking about this friend he says she's either shooting animals to turn them into pelts or in her shop.

We make our way to Jeska's shop and ask her about the Strange Man. She tells us he got locked behind the gate before. When asking about the gate she says she saw people moving things around on Znote's ship.


After getting all the required information from Strange Man and Jeska we know what to do.

Walk to the Sircera harbor and go below deck Captain Znote's ship. Move the crates on top to reveal a gravestone.

Freeing Strange Man 1.png

When you look at the gravestone you read the following:

1 click - open
1 more click - close

Use the gravestone to open the gate. You will get a message saying:

  You hear the joyous shout of FREEDOM off in the distance.  

Make your way back to the magic shop and go up to the Strange Man. The gate is now open and you can open the box next to him to receive your rewards: 1 Platinum Coin and a Mirror.

Freeing Strange Man 2.png

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