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Every registered user is welcome to create or edit content with the goal of collecting information about Peora.

To create new pages or articles, visit the following page and enter the name of the page you wish to create:
Create a new page

To make it easier to fill in content for the page, simply navigate to a page that looks similar to what you have in mind for the new article and click on Edit source. Copy the complete contents in the source text box and paste them in the source text box of your new page. Edit the content to your requirements, add new stuff and click the blue Save page button on the bottom of the page when you're done. You can also click Show preview or Show changes to see the page you created before actually saving it.

To edit pages, in most cases, you can simply click edit on the top-right of the page to open the Visual Editor. To edit most pages' content you can simply start typing or for some pages you can double click the content to bring up a context menu to edit the values for the object and so on. For some pages that use scripts, visual add-ons and/or extensions, the visual may not work properly because they may interfere with before mentioned extensions. In that case it is always possible to edit the page using the Source Editor by clicking Edit source on the top-right of any page.

For a list of installed extensions, libraries, usable tags, etc. visit the Version page.

For a list of the most popular pages visit the Popular Pages page.

For a list of pages that still need to be created but are linked to visit the Wanted Pages page.

For further reading or help on creating/contributing/editing visit the official MediaWiki page on content

A big thank you to all people who contribute in one way to another to the wiki, your help is greatly appreciated.