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By typing the message !commands in the Default chat window you get the following list of usable commands:

Command Function
!online Provides a list of all players currently online
!report Send a message about game issues or bugs. Can also be used to give suggestions or ideas.
!loot Turns on/off a loot message that only appears in console
!lootcenter Turns on/off loot message that appears in console and in the center of the game window
!share Enables shared experience that gives a 10% experience boost. Players must be equal or above 2/3rds of the level of the highest level in party.
!status provides information about all monsters and npcs online
!serverinfo Provides information about server rates, houses, and protection level
!uptime Shows how long the server has been online since daily server save
!played Shows the entire playing time of your character
!exp Shows your time online and experience gained that day
!rep playername Checks the reputation of a player (player must be online)
!addrep playername Add 1 reputation point to a player of your choice
!epic Check how many epic quest items are currently spawned
!frags Check how many player kills you've got and how many kills before you get a red skull
This command does not show up when using !commands but is however usable.